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* Center of Innovative and Applied Bioprocessing (CIAB) signed non-disclosure agreement with Dr Silviu Pharmachem Pvt. Ltd on the process of polypyrrolic compounds and nanoformulations * Dr. Silviu Pharmachem Pvt. Ltd (DRSPL) successfully exhibited in Chemspec Mumbai on 7-8 April 2016, stall no A07 . * Dr. Silviu Pharmachem Pvt. Ltd (DRSPL) have signed NDA for manufacturing of pre-catalyst with USA based company * Dr. Silviu Pharmachem Pvt Ltd successfuly participated at 'Chemspec Event' (Mumbai) held on 16-17 April 2015. Four positions for R&D Chemists, M.Sc (organic Chemistry) available with us. Please do send your CV at

Who we are..

Dr. Silviu Pharmachem Pvt. Ltd. (DRSPL) is a privately owned company with R&D facility and production site is located at MIDC industrial area, Pune, India. We are specialized in offering multidisciplinary services to chemistry sectors. Our business spectrum covers custom synthesis, contract research, contract synthesis, technology transfer, process development, offering simple purification techniques for the compounds which are difficult to isolate and separate.

We have developed a strong global customer base with export rate over 85% including more than 100 clients from 30 countries. We are synthesizing a number of compounds including fine chemicals, specialty chemicals, agrochemicals, intermediates & building blocks and serving to across small to large pharmaceutical, biotech companies, leading research institutes, universities, CRO, life sciences research, chemical industries and other industries as well.

We are quality conscious and reliable source for challenging molecules. Our products and services are the industry standards for cutting edge research and expanding frontiers in the industry. All our products follow strict quality control procedures. All required analytical tests are completed for NMR, LC-MS, GC-MS, FT-IR, HPLC etc.

We're passionate about providing synthetically challenging and novel research molecules to our clients in the most cost-effective way. So we constantly challenge ourselves to expand our scientific expertise and pursue our passion. We always welcome customers to challenge our scientists to make any unique molecule.

IP Protection : We strive to provide ultimate protection for our client's intellectual properties and have enforced stringent requirement on IP protection.

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